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We pride ourselves on distributing our Infant Formula which is the product made from the mixing of a wide range of dairy constituents, standardized milk, vegetable oils and higher vitamins & minerals and the spray drying of the resultant mix.The base powder is manufactured as a standard product & can be customer modified by using arrange of dry additions for the bioactive components – all essential to your child’s growth and development. 


Designed for babies 12 months and under, our newborn product is the perfect balanced and healthy start to your child’s life.


The perfect addition to a child’s growth & nutrition coupled with a balanced diet to continue your child on the right path.


Ideal for toddlers aged 12 months to 3 years who are growing & developing into young children and still require the right nutrients & vitamins.

Allergen labeling: Dairy, Soy
Country of Origin labeling: Made in Australia from local & imported ingredients. Made in Australia logo can be applied
Shelflife: 2years
Weight: 800g or 900g Nett
Packaging: Product is processed into tin can in a <5% Oxygen environment with a LLDPE/HDPE over cap applied that is packed into a ship per carton of 6units.Pallet Configuration: 10cartons per layer, 12 layers per pallet