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  • Brush & Bright will whiten your teeth on-the-go or while traveling without the mess and fuss of most teeth whiteners
  • Incredibly fast, portable, and refreshing solution to whiten your teeth, eliminating stains almost instantaneously.
  • Due to its ultra-fast effects, it is ideal for quick party touch-ups after eating berries or drinking coffee, tea or red wine.
  • It can be used either to maintain and prolong professional whitening results or on its own, to whiten your teeth and increase the confidence of your smile.
  • Apply a light coating to your smile zone (the teeth that are visible when you smile), as often as needed. If large clumps appear, use less pressure. It’s normal for Brush & Bright On the Go to foam slightly due to the action of the whitening agent. Excessive foaming indicates you have applied too much.
  • It is not indicated to eat or drink until the product dissolves (app. 2-5 min.). It’s not necessary to brush or rinse after use.

MOQ: 500+ units
Product Origin: USA