BLOSSOM Propolis alcohol free liquid 40%

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BLOSSOM Propolis alcohol free liquid 40%

Propolis is the natural alternative to antibiotics. Originating from Chinese traditional use, the proven antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral, antioxidant and antifungal properties are recognized worldwide.

Propolis comes from honeybees that collect the resin of trees and combine it with wax and pollen to form the beehive. Propolis is responsible for the almost negligible occurrence of bacterial and fungal infections of the beehive.

Propolis is a natural substance rich in bio-flavonoids, the antioxidant effects of flavonoids have been shown to be beneficial in maintaining a healthy immune system.


  • Adults (oral): Dissolve 5-10 drops in half a glass of water and drink or gargle.
  • Adults (topical): Swab affected area with a soaked cotton bud.
  • Adults (inhalation): Soak a piece of cotton wool and hold to nostrils. Lightly inhale.

MOQ: 100+ units (25ml/unit)
Product Origin: Australia