PURE NATURAL™ Enhanced Coconut Oil

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Enhanced Coconut Oil is produced by processing the Crude coconut oil by refining, bleaching, and then deodorizing (RBD) to make it suitable for food applications.

Shelf life: 12 months from production date
Appear: clear, free from impurities
Color: lightly yellow
Taste and Flavour: very light typical taste of coconut oil
Moiture: 0.1% max FFA: 0.1%
Peroxide value: 250-264
Iodine value: 8-15 Slip melting point (C): 23-26 Aflatoxin (B1+B2+G1+G2): ≤ 4.0 Asenic: (As) (mg/kg) ≤ 0.05
Lead: (Pb) (mg/kg) ≤ 0.05
Mercury: (Hg) (mg/kg) ≤ 0.05
Free from Cholesterol, E.coli, Coliform, Staphylococus Areus, Samonella
Total Mould and Yeast: ≤ 10

Packing: In plastic bottle, steel drum, plastic drum
MOQ: 10ft container
Product Origin: Vietnam