Many uses of coconut water have been discovered for health and skin, the researchers demonstrated that contain nutrients such as sugar, protit, lipids, minerals. In particular, lauric acid and cytokinins in coconut water will help regulate the growth of skin cells, helping to reduce the aging of skin cells, balance PH, moisten the skin, helping to limit acne acne, wrinkles, giving skin a bright white. So recently coconut water is also used in the production of cosmetics and beauty skin white.

Contributing in the production of cosmetics and beauty skin white coconut, Cooperative Mekong successfully applied production technology masks from coconut skin. This is a unique new product is manufactured and packaged entirely in Vietnam.

First, the old coconut over the selection process will be carefully taken into water and fermented with the impact of Acetobacter microorganism. Products formed after fermentation is a plant cellulose biomass retained many important nutrients available in coconut water resource. Each mask is a thin transparent membrane and packaged in individual sealed aluminum bag, completely without using a paper towel or fiber to mold shaped like masks commonly found on the market. These are the results of over 10 years of continuous research efforts and our creativity, to give consumers the opportunity to use natural products of high quality